Washing Machines With Dryers

Washing Machines With Dryers

Do washers and dryers really have to stand separately and take twice as much space as a washer dryer combo? Washing machines have overcome dramatic technological improvements over the last 2 decades, and now you can save up space in your apartment and time by using a combined washer dryer solution. 

Combined Benefit

In plain words, washer and dryer combo machines are a lot like the average front-loading washing machines. However, they can not only wash clothes but also dry it similarly to a standalone condenser clothes dryer. The majority of combo models offer the same features as mid and high-end dryers and washers, but they take up to 70% less space. It’s hard to overestimate the advantages of this form factor, especially if you live in a small apartment and need compact appliances. Such washing machines perfectly fit small bathrooms, wardrobes, and kitchens.

A portable washer dryer combo lets you wash and dry your laundry without your presence. While it’s necessary to move wet laundry from a separate washer into a dryer, a combined unit lets you make a single load and receive clean, dry clothes without any extra manipulations. It’s an excellent solution if you often do the laundry when you’re at work or during the night. That’s something that stackable washer dryer combo and classic separate machines cannot offer independently from their price and features. 

How Do Combos Work

The work process of washer dryer combo machines is very similar to that of conventional washing appliances. You put your laundry inside, add the detergent, choose the needed program, and wait for the job to be done. It takes as much time and resources as traditional washing machines require. 

While the washing process is the same, drying is a bit more complicated. Surprisingly, all-in-one washer dryer ventless machines use water for drying, instead of hot or warm, humid and dry air. Of course, that increases water consumption, but the efficiency remains almost the same. On the other hand, the number of combos with hot air pumps on washer and dryer sales rises every year, so you can always make a choice based on your budget and needs. 

What’s Wrong With Line Drying

Certainly, line drying has some advantages. It can help you to get rid of strong odors that remain on your clothes after washing faster and to save up a bit on electricity and water supply bills. However, the money you save is unequal to the immense time-consuming aspect. You have to spend time on hanging and collecting the clothes after drying. Besides, the time of drying often depends on weather conditions and time of the year, so it can take too long during cloudy periods. When it’s hot outside, your clothes will dry really fast, but there’s a risk that severe sunlight will damage the color and cause fabric microdamage. Only a few items in any wardrobe cannot be dried in a washing machine, so there are no substantive arguments for line drying. 

Stacked washer dryer combo makes the process faster but still requires you to relocate the laundry manually, while a single-unit combo does all the job for you. It always takes the same amount of time to finish the process, and you don’t have to participate in it at all. It’s a great deal for any modern person who doesn’t have time to supervise the washing process for hours. A 2-in-1 machine can become a solution to all your laundry scheduling problems. 

How to Buy The Right Model

Choosing the right model for your household, you should consider several parameters. First of all, your future combo has to be big enough to serve all members of your family. At the same time, it must fit the available room and be space-efficient. 

When you know the needed size and capacity, you can look for combo washers and dryers on sale and compare the characteristics of appliances that match your size requirements. Every washer and dryer sale has same-sized models that offer different water and electricity consumption. The price may also fluctuate, depending on the features of each model and the popularity of the manufacturer brand. 

If you want to save your budget as much as possible, It’s recommended to look for washer dryer sets clearance sale events by major retail networks and online stores. Washer and dryer sale clearance is a good chance to find what you need without the need to invest the full price. Although you have to do some search to find a washer and dryers clearance, you shouldn’t purchase used appliances, even if they are made by expensive brands. You won’t save a lot, and maintenance works will be needed much earlier.

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